Childhood – Food Allergies, Dust

This letter is to acknowledge that Marie has effectively cured my 16-year-old son, Tom of his food allergies. As a scientist I found it unfathomable that it were even possible. If it were not from people I knew and trusted who personally experienced successes with Marie I would have never have made the initial appointment. Sadly my son’s life would have still been a great struggle for not only him but the whole family. Since he was a very young child he has been allergic to chicken, turkey, fish, and various vegetables. Christmas and Thanksgiving were always particularly difficult, as he felt quite left out. Specials meals were always requested for social occasions, restaurants or school events. He felt like an outcast socially with his friends and with any family outings where food was involved.

After just two sessions Tom is eating all of these items. He has had no reactions to the foods that he was allergic to prior to seeing Marie. His chronic daily sneezing to dust has also stopped completely. It has changed Tom’s life not only socially but in more ways than we ever could imagine. You have no idea what it is like to feed your child only a handful of foods year after year. The whole family can now go out for dinner without any limitations! No more special meals to worry about! He couldn’t wait to, as he put it “Just be like everybody else”.

I, like most people, believed allergies could be not cured. Without hesitation I thoroughly endorse Marie’s work. So much so I am willing to speak to anyone regarding our experience.

Thanks Marie with all my heart from Tom and me.

James Luckett
Physics Coordinator
University of Toronto