Environmental Allergies, Headaches, Food Allergies, Pets, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

Dear Marie,

When a good friend of mine insisted I see you I never thought it would change my life. I know you help a lot of people for allergies but I never thought it could happen to me. I had tried everything by the time I saw you and having had symptoms for over 2 decades thought I was a challenge. Within a few sessions I was eating eggs without nausea or extreme stomach pain. I can now eat salmon without bumps on my lips. I have no reactions or cravings to chocolate. Gone are the daily headaches, stomach cramps and irritable bowel, dairy used to cause. I can go into my barn without reacting to moulds, hay, dust or any animals. Environmental triggers (paint varnishes, stains and solvents) were also very debilitating but not any more.

With great gratitude and appreciation thank-you for more than giving me hope but help.

Pamela Beach
Uxbridge, Ontario


Dear Marie,

I have noticed since I last saw you six months ago that my eating habits have changed. I naturally make healthier choices. I choose food because I want it and enjoy it. I can tell when I am full and effortlessly stop eating which rarely happened in the past. In the fall I could physically rake leaves without any asthmatic problems.