Food Intolerance, Cravings, Dry Eyes, Arthritis, Sjogren’s

From Nancy D. Pennington

I suffered from severe headaches since I was a small child. I had just moved to Oklahoma. The headaches were diagnosed as migraine headaches 9 years ago by an allergist. I had developed a severe reaction to foods. Hives that were 2-3 inches long and a ½” high appeared all over my body. This meant that I had to wear very loose fitting clothing. Compounding the problem I also have Sjogren’s Syndrome (autoimmune disease). Consequently, I could not take any antihistamines to reduce the hives, as this would dry out my eyes even more.

For the past nine years, I have avoided all foods that I knew I was allergic to. I craved these foods but could not eat them due to my allergic reaction; I could smell my co-workers foods and was drawn to the very foods I could not eat.
My sister came in contact with Marie Herrell and received treatments from her and had such good success that she referred me to her. While attending my sister’s wedding in Toronto, we made four trips to Marie for treatments for my allergies.

The end results thus far have been reduced swelling from arthritis in my hands and legs. No arthritic pain in my knees, plus I do not crave the foods I was allergic to. I have eaten all of the foods that I was allergic to but have had no reactions to any of these. I am no longer allergic to the smells from the dirt in my husband’s work clothes. Also, my ophthalmologist that has treated my dry eyes (Sjogren’s Syndrome) for years was amazed at the clearness in my eyes even the color of my complexion has improved. I can reduce the amount of ointment for my dry eyes to putting this in every hour instead of every ½ hour. Previously, if I ate peanuts I would become violently ill . . . vomiting. Since the corrections I have no problems with peanuts or any products with peanuts in them. Each day there are improvements.

If I knew several years ago, there was treatment available; I would have made the trip from Oklahoma to Toronto much earlier.

Thank you again,
Nancy D. Miller Pennington BSc