Migraines 40 years, Food Sensitivities/Cravings, Weight Loss

Re: Migraines Cured

I suffered with migraines for almost 40 years and could never pinpoint the food trigger for them, nor imagine I had food sensitivities. I attributed them to hormones, weather and stress. They were getting very debilitating, sometimes lasting several days, and I was requiring more and more medication for the pain and nausea. I thought that every available avenue had been exhausted until my massage therapist mentioned that Marie Herrell had cured her onion allergy and recommended that I make an appointment. I did not know very much about muscle testing and energy work but when I heard that there was not a migraine sufferer that Marie had not cured I was on the telephone in a heartbeat.

After 2 appointments my migraines have completely disappeared! Five amazing months have now passed making an enormous difference in my life. I can now make plans for social events and appointments knowing I’ll be able to keep them. I no longer crave chocolate, coffee and desserts and a wonderful bonus is that I lost 10 pounds! My chiropractor asked what I had done lately because she hasn’t needed to adjust my neck in over 2 months where in the past I needed it treated every 2 weeks. My massage therapist also commented that my shoulders and neck were much less tense and the tension that existed was superficial and not as deep as in the past. Marie is worth her weight in gold.

Joyce Albinson