Migraines, Coffee, Beer, Food Addiction

September 25, 2003
Dear Marie,

I never thought my chronic migraines could ever be allergy related! I have been migraine free since the first time I saw you! Even more interesting was the drastic reduction in my coffee and beer consumption. The money I saved on beer alone has more than paid for the session. Normally, I would drink 6-10 beers at a sitting (not every day!) and several coffees daily. For the past 2 months I have had less than 10 of each! It’s so strange! I feel I can have one if I want one but am not compelled as in the past. I feel I just don’t need them anymore nor do I want them. Often, I turn down offers for beer or coffee just because I don’t feel any desire. I feel empowered because it is my choice.

My chiropractor noticed less tension in my neck and shoulder area in the weeks following your visit. Finger tingling has also stopped. I’ve always enjoyed breads and previously tried to cut back with little success. Recently, I’ve once again attempted and with ease I have stopped eating bread. I never realized that the drinks or foods we often just really like because we like them could cause a physical addictive craving unknowingly. Not only am I eating healthier but am less physically and mentally stressed which I contribute to my on going treatments. Thank-you, for educating me on alternative medicine I am now another one of your converted skeptics.

Chris Graham