Scar Pain, Asthma, Migraines, Hot Flashes

Dear Marie

This is a better late than never letter and LONG overdue. I have been meaning to pen this for some time, about 8 years 10 months to be exact.

February 4th 2001, I had a breast reduction surgery, all went well until I had an untrained student nurse attempt to remove my drain from my right breast. She did not understand how the drain was attached and pulled it out completely straight, when in fact it needed to be maneuvered gently down and around. Needless to say she did some tissue/ligament damage as well as giving me scar tissue and messing up a professional plastic surgery. The scar pain in that area was excruciating, yet the rest of the surgery caused me no pain at all. For months after the surgery that area shot hot painful sharp flashes, like lightening being shot through your breast and down my rib cage. It would happen unexpectedly and frequently. When I saw you in your office and explained the situation, you made no guarantee, yet the gentle non-invasive procedure you used brought me immediate relief. I t took only one treatment and has had lasting results. I am truly grateful for the pain relief without drugs.

With that success, I have seen you over the years for an ongoing problem with my asthma, it was rated as severe. It limited my daily functions, making me reliant every single day on a variety of inhalers (Flovent, Flonase, Atrovent, Combivent, Ventolin, Spiriva, Advair) I was also on Prednisone, and allergy eye drops (Opticrom) and numerous allergy medications (Reactine, Arieus, Benylin) along with any store brand that may have been suggested. I also sought out specialist after specialist, most saying I would have to live with it. Considering 20 years ago, I was a fitness instructor and in my early 30’s. At this point my asthma was so severe and out of control, I could not walk the 20 feet from the couch in the respirologist’s office to his door without resting and being totally exhausted. I was frequently sick, with bronchitis and pneumonia, hospitalized and my quality of life was severely compromised. I tried faith healers and drove 4 hours one way to see a person suggested to me that did another kind of healing, with no success. My morale was low and I had thought this was my lot in life. Then you started working with my foods, immune system and my allergies and my asthma. Each area was interconnected.

My eating habits were a problem. I now know Chocolate is not a daily staple, yet for years I could not start a day without chocolate bars or chocolate chips continuing to eat them throughout the day. I had been on a variety of medications since I was 2 years old. No doctor ever looked at my foods or what or how I ate. I slowly started changing not only what I ate, but also when I ate, following your suggestions and variety of methods to get me where I am today. I have slowly weaned myself off ALL of medications listed above with your as a result of your treatments. I use herbal loose asthma tea, every now and then if I need it or the Breathe Easy liquid (tastes like Buckleys). I am taking NO medication for asthma or allergies and seeing as this has been what would normally be my worst season, fall with all the pollens, I am shocked at how good I feel. I am not even using eye drops. I did have a lot of itching, especially my hands as I was weaning myself from the Reactine, but after a few weeks this too has passed. I am able to walk, run and skate. I have not had to be hospitalized for asthma for over 5 years. I have not had bronchitis or pneumonia for over 7 years. Which also means I have not had any antibiotics that were a staple in the fall and winter in previous years.

Then I was plagued by migraines. Again this was interconnected with the allergies and sensitivities, lack of sleep (being on night-shift) and stress. When you helped me address these concerns and getting my stress under control, with better eating, I formed healthy habits that have alleviated my migraines.

Of course, as I aged I hit menopause, where my only complaint was hot flashes. After your other successes in all the aforementioned areas, I knew I needed to look to you for insight. The first treatment, I did not notice any real difference on the day of treatment, but the following day I noticed a significant difference, when I did get a hot flash, it was much less severe and a shorter duration. After my second treatment, I also found by the end of Day 1, I had even fewer hot flashes and again with less severity. On Day 2, I had one very weak hot flash that started at my feet but only went to my knees and that was it. For the next 5 to 6 months I had no hot flashes, not even one. Then they started to come back very weakly and I saw you again. I had another treatment, they immediately subsided and took another 8 months to start to come back. I was not able to get to you as soon as I wanted and the hot flashes started to accelerate and get stronger. When I got to see you, it took a few days for them to subside and then they were gone again. They are still gone and I am so grateful as it is just one more thing in a busy life to adjust to.

I have found that Marie uses her knowledge to treat me with a variety of natural methods depending on the issue I have at the time. I encourage anyone with a health concern to consult with Marie. It may be the first step to a healthier you!!

Sincerely in health

Port Perry, Ontario