Skin Rash, Food Allergy, Cats, Chronic Sinus Infection

Hi Marie,

I wanted to thank you for all that you have done for me. In January, you treated me for food allergies I didn’t know I had! After two visits the rashes on my face and neck cleared up immediately. I thought I had severe arthritis in my right hip, but it turned out to be a muscle knot as you had suspected! You also released another muscle knot in my abdomen that was causing some distress – I thought I had gall stones! My lingering allergies to my cats have also disappeared after treatment using a vacuum sample from home, which also contained dust mites and other allergens. I no longer suffer from a chronic sinus infection that had proven resistant to antibiotics.

The last two visits with you were for counseling. Your support and positive energy have buoyed me up and every day I think how lucky I am to have met you, thank-you, again.

Susan Turner