3 year old child…Sugar Allergy, Behavioural Issues, Hyperactivity

Marie was instrumental in helping us with our 3 year-old toddler’s behavioural issues. She recommended specific dietary and environmental changes. Our little boy was very hyperactive, moody and often acted out with tantrums, pant wetting, biting and spitting when upset. Marie’s first and strongest recommendation, after evaluating his two week food journal, was the removal of the majority of the sugar from his diet with an exception of the occasional piece of whole fruit. We discovered he was consuming far too much natural sugar through diluted fruit juice, jams, jellies and sugary foods given at day care.

With the help of our daycare facility we were able to remove a large percentage of the sugar in his diet which calmed him down considerably. We also added in more clean animal protien, enforced eating dinner together at the dinner table and monitored when his natural sugar might be getting low. We made sure we had plenty of healthy, low glycemic snacks on hand to help keep him out of his emotional danger zone. In the end a handful of small changes promoted large changes in his mood and personality that made him much more enjoyable to be around. It has also strengthened our bonds as a family where frustration isn’t the corner stone of how we all interacted.

Logan Niles