Asthma – Dog Allergy

March 24, 2004

I am no longer am suffering from allergy related asthma. Thank you for eliminating my allergy to dogs. After 3 visits to the emergency room due to reactions I had to finally give away my dog. He was definitely the major trigger for my asthma. I was constantly using my inhaler anytime the dog was present in order just to breathe.

My daughter has 2 large dogs. She recently asked me if she could bring them over to my house having known I had seen you for treatment. I thought it would be a good test, so I agreed. The dogs were over and inside my house for 6 hours and not one time did I have difficulty breathing. I was so excited! I can now also visit her at her home without any triggering of my asthma. I haven’t used the inhaler since I returned home to Florida.

In general, I feel so much better since you eliminated many other allergies I didn’t even realize I had.

The chronic mucous in the morning and over 20 years of post nasal drip have both completely stopped following your treatments.

Thank you so much!
Erica Maitman
Boynton Beach, Florida, USA