Child Tomato/Potato Allergy, Pet Allergies

Hi Marie,

Here’s my thoughts on Tyson’s progress. Tyson was diagnosed with numerous food and environmental allergies when he was 1 year old. We have been living in quite a bubble since and I have had to reduce my working hours to cook all our food from scratch to accommodate his food limitations. He has also been extremely limited in the homes he could visit because of his severe animal allergies.

So far Marie’s treatment has definitively corrected Tyson for his tomato and potato allergy as well as for cats and made a significant improvement for his dog allergy. Tyson has finally been able to eat potato chips and french fries with ketchup just like his big sister! He also loves mashed potatoes with homemade gravy. Our background is Scottish so it has been such a pleasure to reintroduce potatoes to our menu as so many of our traditional meals are served with potatoes.

The dog allergy was perhaps the hardest on him as he became very afraid of dogs for fear that he would feel sick if they touched him. Since his correction he has been able to pat dogs and most importantly visit his nana and poppa’s house and attend his friend’s birthday party at a home with two dogs. Tyson is very eager to have all his allergies go away and nothing in the world could ever match the look of sheer joy on his face when he realizes that he is making progress and getting better!

Thanks Marie!

Fiona McDougal