Chronic Congestion, Sneezing Fits, Food Allergy

When I first came to Marie, I was seeking help for more than just my allergies—I needed to save my career, too. I had been suffering chronic congestion and sneezing fits for over five years, to which I did not know the cause. As a professional speaker who gives motivational presentations for a living, this was having a massively negative effect on my job. Potential clients refused to book me because I sounded so sick, and I was losing business at a rapid pace. But after a couple of hours with Marie, I made an amazing turnaround. She was able to pinpoint several foods that I was reacting to and since then my sneezing fits and congestion have ceased—all without the use of needles or drugs. Now that I sound better than ever, my business is back on track. Thank you Marie, it has made such a difference in my quality of life!

Cindy J Stradling, CSP
Toronto, Ontario