Food Addiction/Cravings, Weight Loss

August 21, 2004

Dear Marie,

It has been over a year since I first saw you and I’d like to share this with you so it may hopefully help others. All of my life I have had a very large appetite. Food was my favorite thing to think about. I would be eating one meal and already thinking about what I was going to eat at the next meal. I tried all sorts of diets and would lose a bit of weight, but always seemed to have the same big appetite and food cravings. I saw an advertisement for Marie’s talk at the Whole Foods store. The part that really caught my interest was the food cravings. Marie talked about how she could stop the food cravings with her treatments. At first I was a little skeptical because I thought this was too good to be true. I decided to give it a try because even if it didn’t work, I wouldn’t have wasted that much money and I thought it was worth the risk.

After my first treatment I was very pleasantly surprised at the results. I didn’t crave bread, chocolate or junk foods as in the past. I could resist chocolate (which was very rare for me) or I was able to have one piece and stop at that. I always thought that food allergies showed up as rashes certainly not food cravings. For years I struggled with overeating and never knew why. I’ve always known that people could be addicted to drugs, alcohol or cigarettes, but I never thought that my food addiction could be an actual food allergy. I had been told it was emotional eating although at times I would be feeling good and couldn’t understand why I’d be going crazy with food. I did often wonder if there could be a physical component to my eating as opposed to it all just being emotional.

As I mentioned before I always had this big appetite that I had a hard time satisfying. After seeing Marie for a food allergy correction I felt physically very different. I was satisfied with far less food and wanted the healthier foods (vegetables, fruits, salads, etc.). I now knew that the majority of my food addiction was directly related to my food allergy.

Also I couldn’t believe it when one day I realized that I wasn’t thinking about food all the time. Another great benefit of this was I lost some weight without really trying. I felt better about myself because of eating healthier food and not going on binges and eating everything in sight. I have much more energy and relate it to eating more nutritiously, having lost weight and feeling much better emotionally. I finally accomplished something that I had tried to do for years without success. For the first time in my life I now feel in control of what I eat.

I would highly recommend Marie’s treatments.

Carol Ritchie
Thornhill, Ontario