Food Allergies, Anxiety, Depression

I’m waiting for the bus at the bus stop – heart palpitating, palms and spine drenched in sweat. I’m huffing so heavily that if someone were to stand next to me, I’d flush with embarrassment. I know that something is the matter with me, but the last thing I want is for others to know too. I fear being seen as burdensome, incompetent or just plain strange.

That’s why I chose to see Marie Herrell. I had been to other alternative healers and medicine practitioners before Marie, but none of them seemed to work for me. I had given up faith in doctors, psychologists, and therapists.

For much of my life, I vacillated between paranoia and despair. In spite of my excellent marks, and amazing friends and family, I was miserable. Nobody understood why, and neither did I. I was constantly exhausted, unsettled and extremely critical of everyone and everything. I worried incessantly about the future, and regretted the past. Since my mind was always in a panic, I could not follow the plots of books and movies, and found it difficult to enjoy people. I had no ambition, but in my depression, this did not matter. Nothing mattered at all.

After Marie corrected my body for certain allergies, I felt better than I ever thought possible. I began to feel energetic and optimistic. I began sleeping better and for the first time in my life, woke up feeling refreshed. My mind functioned better too. Not only did I feel more optimistic, confident and smart, I began focusing better. My entire way of being in the world changed for the better. Friends remarked that I seemed different. They all wanted to know my secret. Well, there is no secret. I was treated for anxiety and depression by Marie Herrell. Now, I feel lighter and, although I do get stressed out at times, I do not feel perpetually anxious. I know that I have the capacity to make changes in my life and to create the future. I feel calm and in control of my life.

Marie seeks to make her clients feel happy and healthy in their own right. She gives them the tools to a positive mentality and to leading a fulfilled life. I have full faith in Marie’s ability to help anyone who is struggling with anxiety and depression as well as other psychological and spiritual problems. I recommend her treatment above any other treatment that I have tried.

Taylor Lewis