Food (Tomato) Allergy/Cravings, Hives

Dear Marie,

I have known you for 4 years and heard that you do great work with allergies and sensitivities. I never imagined that I would need your services since I didn’t have allergies or so I thought. Here’s my story to share.

One day while chatting with Marie at a private function I mentioned I was on a special diet that excluded tomatoes. In the same breath I mentioned that’s ok because they make me really itchy within 10 minutes of eating any form of tomato. Marie responded with that sounds like an allergy reaction and tomatoes are very common. I never really thought about it as an allergy. But when she said we often crave what we are allergic to I got thinking. I loved tomatoes and would be thrilled to be able to once again eat them. Immediately visions of pizza, lasagna and my Mom’s homemade pasta sauce came to mind. I booked with Marie and within one session I was eating ketchup. I went out for lunch and ordered an extra scoop of tomato sauce on top of my lasagna. I was in heaven and no itching anywhere on my body! I just waited thinking it was too good to be true. Hours and days passed and my tomato allergy is now history.

Thank-you Marie for giving me the freedom to eat what I want.

Jenn Rosen
Toronto, Ontario