Lactose Intolerance…13 year old girl

Dear Marie,

I am writing to give feedback on my daughter’s session last month. My 13 year old daughter has been lactose intolerant for a few years. As a result, she experiences periods of uncontrollable diarrhea. Over a year has passed since I first contacted you about the work you do. Initially when you discussed your success rate with allergies I must say I was somewhat skeptical about the possible outcomes of your sessions. When my daughter’s intolerance became more problematic, uncertain of which direction to turn since conventional treatments weren’t working I remembered our phone conversation. Feeling quite desperate and with hesitation still not knowing what to expect I made the appointment. Other than broad-spectrum enzymes which were not helpful to her we had not turned to alternative medicine but were open to a more holistic approach.

After two sessions my daughter was able to eat the foods that were causing her problems, with no repercussions. We were also educated by you on eating a more balanced diet and have taken a more proactive approach to meals. I was unsure of the actual success we would have, but honestly was amazed and pleased at how well the corrections worked with my daughter. The treatments were incredibly successful and I’d highly recommend Marie. My daughter’s life has been changed for the better without any medications or long term treatments.

Anne Anderson
Aurora, Ont