Latex Allergy, Asthma, Migraines, Psychological

To All Persons considering treatment with Marie Herrell:

I first met Marie in the summer of 2002. It took her only 8 treatments to CURE the incurable. She got rid of my migraines which I’d had for 14 years. Yes, contrary to the popular opinion of traditional Western medicine, which tends to treat symptoms as opposed to causes, migraines can be cured.

So can a whole range of other things.

Based on her success with me, my mother came in from Montreal for treatment for her food allergies and then my sister brought her 3 kids in from Ottawa for treatment for allergies and asthma. All had great success.

The fact that I was willing to send members of my family to Marie should let you know how highly I regard her treatments. I do recognize that it doesn’t work for everyone. Nor, as most people know, does every medicine. But the odds with Marie are a whole lot better than wading your way through the plethora of prescription medications available for any and every condition.

I have also recommended Marie to numerous friends and acquaintances.

I have since gone back to Marie for a couple of “booster” treatments (long periods of sustained stress will cause a lessening in the effectiveness of her work) as well as a treatment for a latex allergy, as the elastic in shorts and socks used to itch more than mosquito bites. She fixed that quite easily with just one treatment. Finally, Marie has done what she calls ‘psychological corrections’ for some other stuff that has bothered me. And while I have come to have a fairly good understanding of how an allergy gets eliminated, those I can’t explain at all. All I know and honestly care about; is that they have worked very effectively. All with outstanding success.

Most people don’t understand how a telephone, a TV or a computer works, yet we use them without a second thought.

Just because you don’t understand how this process works, is certainly not a valid reason to avoid it. It certainly beats chemicals (medications) with nasty side effects, injections or life-long abstinence from certain, allergy causing animals, products or foods.

You have nothing to lose but the issue which is bothering you.

Michael J. Berend
Toronto, Ontario