Migraines, Food Allergies, Botox

To those people with concerns that what Marie is offering as a service is “too out there” and too different from traditional Western style medicine.

Two thousand years ago, we all knew that we were the center of the universe. A scant 700 years ago, we all knew that the world was flat. 50 years ago, we all knew that a wide variety of diseases as well as cancers would, invariably kill you. Up until now, you knew that allergies couldn’t be eliminated. As of today, you will come to know that that information, no matter how many times you’ve been told and by whom, is wrong, absolutely wrong. Just as the information that people knew before is now wrong, so is the idea that allergies cannot be eliminated. People are constantly making scientific advances. This just happens to be a recent one that hasn’t yet garnered a lot of attention (and probably never will if the drug manufacturers have their way).

For 14 years I’ve suffered from food allergy induced migraines. Forget the sneezing and watery eyes, which would have been a pleasure to deal with instead of the mind-numbing pain that I had to deal with on a frequent basis.

They usually last two full days. The really bad ones usually went on for three full days. But I’ve had ones go for ten straight and I’ve even endured 18 days of non-stop pain.

Under doctor’s supervision and with an internationally recognized neurologist, I have, over the last 13.5 years, had x-rays, CAT scans, MRIs and even massive nerve blocks; as well as having tried every single migraine medication available in Canada. All with no permanent relief. The best I could achieve was found within the last year and involved Botox injections every 3 months (which involves small injections in about 30 to 40 places in the head, neck and shoulders) as well as taking Zomig (a vaso-constrictor) at the onset of a migraine. This combination got me fairly good relief from a migraine if I recognized the symptoms prior to the onset of the headache and took the medication soon enough. If I waited for longer than half an hour; it was too late. The migraine was there for at least two days.

These migraines were, for the most part, a result of food allergies (an allergy to all types of alcohol, coffee, tea, chocolate, cheese, meats that were high in fat, soya sauce, malt, powdered soup bases-like Oxo or Bovril- as well as anything with a packaging preservative called BHA, or anything with nitrites in it {and in the case of bacon, just the smell of it cooking was sufficient to give me a migraine} as well as pickles and blueberries). But even after determining which foods caused the problems and avoiding them completely, I still got a migraine at least twice a week before I started on the Botox and at least once a week since. So I knew there was something, possibly more than one thing, that I could not pinpoint, that was causing an allergic reaction in me.

Because traditional Western style medicine had not provided me with the relief that I was after, I’d slowly tried other, less traditional, or more “new age” style of treatments. Registered Massage Therapy, Chiropractic treatments, Acupuncture and Rolfing. Each, in their own way, is good for some things; they just didn’t provide me with what I was looking for. Complete migraine relief. And while I know that over the years I’ve spent a significant chunk of change, without being any farther ahead, I was still unwilling to give up.

My Chiropractor referred me to Marie. I was looking to get tested for allergies again, since it had been about 11 years since it was last done and I was looking for some way of getting other things as well as foods tested. The Chiropractor told me that Marie had eliminated her allergy to cats; so, as I trusted her judgement, I called to make an appointment.

I still thought that all I was going to have done was a test. After all, for years and years you get told that you can’t get rid of allergies, so when you hear the words, “Eliminate the allergies” for the first time, it really doesn’t sink in. Eliminate the symptoms, maybe. Like taking an antihistamine. But certainly not eliminating the allergy itself.

But on my first visit Marie eliminated about 50% of my allergies, an additional 40% on my second visit and a big one on my third. In addition, on that third visit, we got on the topic of chronic pain (unrelated to migraines) and I mentioned that because of a congenital fusion of two of my vertebra in my neck, the first really massive migraine that had started this problem 14 years ago, had left me with a chronic problem in the back of my neck on the right side. Marie did some different energy work, called TEB and got rid of that problem. There are a wide variety of other things that Marie can treat besides allergies. Even the mere balancing of the main meridians that she does prior to allergy elimination is a very positive treatment; even though it is only a small segment of the whole. So, in case it hasn’t yet occurred to you (as it didn’t to me at the beginning of my treatments, if there is something else that is bothering you in addition to your allergies, make sure you mention it. She can’t treat it if she doesn’t know about it.

And all of this work is done by working with pressure points and energy, to allow your body to work at its optimum level. No needles, no pain and, by the time you read this (as I will have had a fourth visit, thus eliminating my last two allergies) no more migraines.

14 years of ineffective medications and shots versus 4 visits to Marie over the course of a month, resulting in a complete cure.

So if you’re worried that what Marie does, isn’t traditional. Take it from someone who has seen far too much traditional medicine with no long-term positive results.

“Vive la difference”

Michael Berend