Overeating, Sinus Problems

Dear Marie,

A testimonial to help others like myself . . .

Marie Herrell’s healing power is amazing. I went to see her for a long-term allergy challenge. WOW, the results surprised me. Since I’ve seen her, I now wake up and breathe through both nostrils. My usual A.M. stuffiness is completely gone.

Another issue I was battling was eating beyond fullness/satisfaction. Since I saw Marie I was quite surprised that I no longer overeat nor want to eat beyond excess. Following my first session I was going to a Passover Seder. Past experiences have shown I tend to overeat during these times. There is lots of great food available. This time to my surprise I didn’t overeat nor did I have the desire to overeat. It felt like for the first time in a long time I was in control. My eating habits changed immediately following this session and has really kick started me into becoming more aware of the problem.

I look forward to continuing our sessions and thank-you again.

Karen Gotleib