Pollens, Eating Disorder, Food Cravings, Hives

September 18, 2002

Dear Marie,

It is absolutely amazing the results I got from your treatments. Originally I saw you for pollen allergies, which you treated on the first visit. I now can go outside without any sneezing. I was thrilled with the freedom from drugs and suffering. On the second treatment you informed me I had food sensitivities. I was skeptical because I love food and eat everything. I certainly wasn’t aware of any food allergies. Reluctantly, I agreed for you to correct many foods that were found to be sensitive. Chocolate being one of these I ate on a daily basis. I had no addiction to chocolate or so I thought I just enjoyed it. Following the multiply food allergy correction I have stopped eating chocolate. I have no craving nor desire to eat it. Since correcting wheat and yeast allergies I have not binged on bread and have cut back on my consumption substantially without feeling deprived. I had been in therapy for an eating disorder and although I made progress, I never felt I had got to the root of the problem. I was always on guard with my eating. I still thought it was something I needed to spend hours of therapy on, since I still craved certain foods. I just never knew we crave the foods we are allergic to. The foods we often eat every day we can be allergic to. I now believe food allergies contributed to my eating disorder. That was a revelation to me. My eating is better than ever. I feel so much more in control of my life since my five treatments 3 months ago. I am realizing the connections more and more as time goes on. I feel more focused, clear-headed and my depression of years that I shared with you seems to have lifted. I can dust without reacting and can go down to my mouldy basement without getting stuffed up. I was only hoping for pollen allergy relief but I have got so much more from your treatments. My energy level is better than ever.

My friend who also saw you had similar results with foods. She no longer gets rashes on her legs when eating certain foods. She too, no longer has any cravings for foods she previously over-indulged in and is now eating healthier and with less effort consciously.

I am very grateful for the services you provide and having my work pay for it through my plan was a bonus I didn’t expect. Even if you were not covered it was worth every cent.

I only wish that more who suffer needlessly could be made aware of your services.

Anna B.