Seasonal Allergies, Metals, Migraines, Food Cravings


I would like to thank you for the many positive results I have experienced after allergy treatments with you.

My season allergies have disappeared, and I no longer require the numerous prescription and over-the-counter medications I used to take.

Upon receiving treatment for my allergy to garlic, I have realized several benefits:

I can eat garlic without experiencing migraines or any other negative effects. My family and friends appreciate not having to modify recipes to exclude garlic, as prior to my treatment with you, the smell of garlic would make me nauseated, and within 20 minutes of eating it I would experience a migraine.

I no longer have cravings for bread and potatoes. I was not consciously aware that these cravings existed until they disappeared after a treatment with you.

Lastly, I am no longer experiencing a reaction to the metal in my undergarments and my watch strap. Previously, when the metals in these items touched my skin, I would experience itchiness and swelling.

Again, thank you for your efforts in helping me to eliminate my allergies.

Donna Jung