Seasonal Allergies (Pollens)

Every summer it’s the same thing, a shake… shake… shaking sound in my purse from carting around my allergy pill bottle. I highly recommend the services of Marie Herrell. Her services were fast, concise and now allow me to enjoy the seasons of spring and late summer to their full extent.

When I was 16, I developed seasonal allergies. Since then, every spring and late summer I had to choose between stuffy/runny nose, itchy eyes, itchy mouth and a lot of sneezing or taking medication. I chose medication and didn’t think twice.

My allergies were not the severe inhibiting allergies that some people suffer, but the regular old seasonal allergies from which so many suffer. My father has them, my brother has them. I saw no reason why I shouldn’t have them as well.

When I went to university I decided to start shopping at the nearby organic supermarket. When I started working, I started seeing a chiropractor that exposed me to other ideas of “alternative” healing and even “alternative” lifestyle choices. When I met Marie I had already started examining the few conventional medicines I took with any regularity.

Marie told me that a two-hour session with her could stop my allergies – no needles, no pain, no pills, probably no follow-ups. I was sceptical but interested. I reviewed her website and decided to book a session.

She said “NO… not yet”. When I first contacted Marie it was October and my allergies were done. The session should be done when I am being exposed to the allergen. I needed to wait until the following August before I booked my session.

At the end of my two-hour session I could already feel my head clear. The stinging itch that had been in my eyes for the previous three weeks was gone. The sneezing stopped. I threw out my allergy pills.

I no longer tell people that I suffer from seasonal allergies. Next Labour Day weekend I will be able to go for a hike without hearing the *shake…shake… shake* of the pill bottle in my backpack. I hope you get to experience that freedom too.

Katie Culig
Toronto, Ontario