Asthma, Sinus Congestion

I am pleased to share the story of my experiences of working with Marie Herrell. Since childhood, I have suffered from seasonal allergies, milk allergies, and sinus congestion and had been through many conventional procedures and treatments. At the age of five, I had my adenoids removed and ear tubes inserted because of a ruptured eardrum, which again ruptured at the age of 21. From the ages of 10 – 13, I was administered allergy shots for mold, mildew, and cat allergies. At the age of 20, I underwent my first sinus surgery, to correct a deviated septum, and to have polyps removed from my right sinuses. I had a second surgery for additional polyps at the age of 23. These surgeries were a success and relief, as I have not had any reoccurrence of polyps and lived symptom free, without any sinus infections, for several years after the procedures. I had also been on Seldane, Tavist-D, Ziertech, and finally Claritin-D, as well as Flonase, Rhinocort, and Nasonex, bronchial inhalers, and numerous antibiotics to treat sinus infections – so many I cannot remember the names.

In 2000, I moved from the central coast of california to Long Beach, california. Living on the coast with the saltwater air was a major relief to my seasonal allergies and I was able to discontinue using all medications. However, in 2002, I accepted a new position that assigned me on a project in Springfield, Illinois for six months. Being near a stagnant and swampy lake, several manufacturing plants, and year round rain and extreme humidity, Springfield and the water cooler air conditioning in the older government buildings that I conducted business in, were prime breeding grounds for mold and mildew. During my stay in Illinois, I again experienced sinus infections and redeveloped asthma, going on an albuterol inhaler to reduce wheezing and cough, along with the stress of being under these conditions. Visiting my headquarters in Toronto didn’t help much either, as the air quality in Toronto is known to be less than desirable for asthma sufferers. After sharing my story with a colleague at my head office in Toronto, I was introduced to Marie Herrell.

My first visit with Marie addressed food allergies such as red wine, yeast, and milk. I have already noticed the difference when I drink red wine, a favorite of mine, as I do not have the sinus congestion so many red wine drinkers experience. On subsequent visits, we addressed molds & mildew, dust, pollens, and other allergens such as cat dander and wool. Upon return to Springfield for the remainder of the project, I did not experience the wheezing or sinus congestion and have done quite well, being on site for meetings in my Toronto office as well. I have discontinued use of the albuterol inhaler. In addition to the physical benefits of mitigating my allergies, and perhaps even just as important, I value the emotional and psychological benefits that come from this type of experience. I have always left there with a better sense of self and well-being, which I believe is critically important to a healthy lifestyle.

I hope that my experiences will help others in choosing a natural approach to allergy reduction and elimination.

Matthew J. Ceppi
California, USA