Attention: This procedure is not for the treatment of life-threatening allergies.

This tap technique is a great tool to have on hand for any non-life threatening allergic reaction. People have found it very handy when reacting to pollens or cats, or when experiencing a non-life threatening allergic reaction to food. Once you learn it, you can tap yourself or someone else who is reacting to an allergy. It works well 80% of the time but if it is not successful, it does not mean that Health Kinesiology can not help you, it just means you need more advanced HK techniques to help with your allergies. I do not use this technique in my office as it is only temporary. I use more advanced techniques to permanently eliminate allergies in my office.

It is a good idea to practice this allergy tap technique ahead of time so that you will know it when you need it. The technique takes only two minutes and it is easy to learn and simple to do. It does not work on every allergic reaction but because it is so quick and easy it is always worth a try. The steps must be completed in order.