Teenager – Runny Nose, Congestion, Sneezing

February 19, 2010

Re: Evan Mead

In May 2009 when we first saw Marie, my 17 year old son was suffering from a constant runny nose, congestion and steady sneezing when he woke up every morning. He had frequent colds throughout the year and was always blowing his nose. I took him to doctors, naturopaths, changed his diet, hired cleaning people, used toxic free cleaners all of which made little difference. I got so used to my son waking up sneezing that I would mentally countdown to the first one, then the second and so on. I was so frustrated and I couldn’t imagine what he was feeling.

When I heard about Marie and that she could get rid of allergies, I thought she would be the perfect person for my son, even though we weren’t really sure what he was allergic to. He saw Marie for only 3 sessions from May to June. In our first session, Marie asked Evan to keep a food journal to see what he was eating. She then tested him for possible reactions to dust, moulds and cats. We also brought along food samples in little baggies that Marie used to test for intolerances.

After 1 session I was amazed! The first big test came in the mornings that followed our first meeting. As usual, I would listen for the sound of sneezing which was usually followed by intense nose blowing before Evan’s feet even hit the floor. By the third morning, the sneezing had stopped! Really. I was so happy and Evan was so relieved to be breathing clear again! (Evan went up to our cat and buried his nose in his fur just for fun and to be sure he really wasn’t allergic to cats).

In session 2, Marie reviewed his food journal and suggested he add more protein and eliminate sugar in his diet. We discussed healthier snacks and meal alternatives. She tested him again for some foods and did another round for dust and pollens.

Almost a year later and only 3 sessions with Marie, Evan’s sneezing has stopped, his nose has stopped running, he feels more energetic and less tired and he eats more of a balanced diet. With cold and flu season almost behind us, Evan had one mild cold that lasted a couple of days but in the past would have lasted a week or longer.

I can’t say enough about Marie’s talents. If you or anyone you know has allergies to anything or chronic illness, go see her!! They will be gone from your life and you will finally start living your life without suffering!

Most sincerely grateful,

L. Bateman